Based on feedback from multiple sellers, we have revamped the process of cross-listing, through which you can copy and paste any number of products from one sales channel to another.

Now, you can clone your products much easily & quickly with added features such as -

  • Option to filter SKUs by Product type, Product states, Brands and Category when selecting products to cross-list to destination marketplace.
  • Option for bulk category mapping between source marketplace to the destination through excel file.
  • Option to display already mapped categories during mapping phase and an option to edit/change already mapped categories.
  • Option to edit/change the price/description/images on source marketplace. 
  • Option to view cross-listing history.
  • Modify option to handle cross listing for group products in case similar option type is not available in the destination marketplace.
  • Option to review and edit user's choice of source & destination marketplace.
  • Option to review and change SKUs to be cross-listed to destination marketplace.
  • Progress bar to track status progress.

Isn't this awesome?
Check out the new cross-listing flow in SelluSeller here.

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