This was one of the most awaited update for SelluSeller. We have revamped the SelluSeller dashboard, to make it faster, simpler and intuitive than ever before.

The latest dashboard covers the most critical operational and business data that you need on a daily basis, and presents it in the simplest form. This includes 

  • Terms of Sales
  • Cancellations
  • Average Sales Units
  • Average Sales Value
  • Multi-currency Option
  • Inventory Stock Value & Actual Sale
  • Discounts

All the above data is available in numbers, tabular and graphical form.

Additionally this dashboard will show the status of all product listing across marketplaces and also show top performing products across channels based on unit sold and sales. All the data on this dashboard will be available with filters of dates and channels.

Isn't this awesome?
Check out the new SelluSeller dashboard here.

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