Based on feedback from many sellers, we have introduced a revised flow for processing orders. Now you can fulfill orders easily & quickly. 

Here are the key highlights of this improved feature- 

  1. Additional filters to filter orders by,
  • Custom Date
  • SelluSeller Status
  • Marketplace
  • Shipping Carrier
  • Payment type: Prepaid or CO

2. Option to search orders by order number and order SKU.
3. Sort option for,

  • Order date (Newest->Oldest, Oldest->Newest)
  • Order value (Low->High, High->Low)

4. You will now see the latest orders first on the list followed by older orders.

5. SLAs will be visible against each order.

6. Option to change shipping carrier when processing the order.

7. Option to download invoices for completed orders to help you audit payments.

8. Option to export orders under all order related tabs. E.g. - All, New, In-process, Completed, Problem, Cancelled. 

Isn't this awesome?
Continue managing your selling seamlessly with SelluSeller.

To know how you can process the orders as per new listing flow, click here.

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