This is the most important feature in this update! With the new listing flow, you can look forward to saving lot of man-hours from your selling time. 

The new flow will let you list products in just 2 steps. You will be allowed to simply fill the mandatory fields before listing the products on marketplaces. This will save you time if you do not wish to fill the optional fields.  

Additionally, the new flow will have-

  • Visible marketplace-accepted specifications, right next the fields. 
  • Visible character limitation near the product titles.  
  • Visible character limit (along with allowed HTML/text) for description field. 
  • Visible specifications such as allowed Image size, format and number of images that a user can upload next to the Image field. 
  • Drag, drop and browse option to upload the product images. You can now shuffle images to change the sequence.  
  • Dedicated 'Manage Images' option to manage all product images. 
  • Edit category option for products that are not yet listed on the sales channels.
  • Option to access marketplace products directly from product grid. 

Isn't this awesome?
Start listing products in 2 steps here.

To know how you can list the products in 2 steps, click here.

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