To get the API Keys-

  1. Login to JD.ID Seller Center.

2. Click on the Store tab and select Shop Information.

3. Copy and store the Shop ID separately.

4. Now, follow below link to get API keys.

5. Click on +New App button. Enter App name as "SelluSeller" and enter your email address. Click on Save.

6. You will see the SelluSeller App in list. Click on the Manage button.

7. Select category as "Seller to JD" and enable checkbox in front of 'All' option. Scroll down and click on Save button.

8.  Marketplace will authenticate your API and then count of API will move from 'Waiting auth API' to 'Already own'.  

7.  Once API's are authenticated then only you can use them to connect.

8.  Click on VIEW button. Your API details will appear. Kindly save these details for future reference.

Hope this answers your question!
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