Currently, JD.TH does not allow fetching of products automatically from JD.TH to SelluSeller after API integration. However, you can export the product files from JD.TH and manually upload them onto SelluSeller.

Here's how you can fetch products manually in SelluSeller-

  1. Login to your JD.TH Account, go to Product > Product Information Management.

2. Under Product Information Management, click on Download

3. Product file will be downloaded. 

After this, you need to upload the file on SelluSeller using the following steps-

Login to SelluSeller. Navigate to Catalogue > Actions > Bulk Import/Export and click on the Import Tab.

4.  Select Bulk product upload from under Import Tab and select the marketplace JD.TH and upload the product file.

Hope this answers your question!
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