Ref: Primary category must be on a lower level

  1. Login to SelluSeller.

2. Click on Catalogue > Others > Failed > Search your product.

3. Go to your product and click on the drop down arrow. Click on the "i" button and you will get the error message.

Note: This error message indicates your product item category is not mapped to the last category level in Lazada. If the category is mapped to the last level, then this means that Lazada has updated its category tree.

4. Open the product and check for a category field.

5. Search for your Lazada product category by clicking on the drop down list button. Choose a proper category according to your product item. Make sure that you reached the last level of category selection.

For example: Bags and Travel  -> Women Bags -> Cross Body & Shoulder Bags  

6. Select desired category, scroll down and click on UPDATE.

Hope this answers your question.
You can resolve this error in SelluSeller, by clicking here.

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