This option is useful for sellers who are interested in using their own carriers instead of default marketplace carriers. 

To configure Nationwide as your preferred last-mile carrier in SelluSeller-

  1. Login into SelluSeller. Go to configuration. 

2. Under the 3PL management tab, click on +Add new 3PL. 

3. Select Logistic Partner as Nationwide, enter all the required details such as Nickname, Link id and Account Number and click on the CONNECT button.

Note: You will get these details from your Nationwide carrier account.

4. Navigate to the shipping management tab and click on - You can add new shipment 'here' button.

5. Select Marketplace, shipping type and self service shipping carrier. Select the 3PL that you have added under 3PL management.

6. Click on the check box marked- Make it default shipping carrier and click on the SAVE button.

Hope this answers your question!
Configure Nationwide as your preferred shipping carrier here.

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