If you are facing any issues in the order fetch process from Prestashop to SelluSeller, it is probably because you 'edited' the order states in your PrestaShop seller centre.

Any changes or 'edits' in these order states may result in syncing orders from the PrestaShop web store to your SelluSeller account. Hence, kindly do not make any changes in any of the pre-defined order states.

By default, PrestaShop has 14 Order States:

  1. Awaiting check payment
  2. Payment accepted
  3. Processing in progress
  4. Shipped
  5. Delivered
  6. Canceled
  7. Refunded
  8. Payment error
  9. On backorder (paid)
  10. Awaiting bank wire payment
  11. Awaiting PayPal payment
  12. Remote payment accepted
  13. On backorder (not paid)
  14. Awaiting Cash on Delivery validation

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