Check out the prerequisites for connecting QuickBooks with your SelluSeller account before you proceed with the below steps. 

  1. Login to SelluSeller and go to Configurations.

2. Navigate to Accounting Tools and click on +Add New Accounting Tools.

3. Select QuickBooks from drop down and enter your name (It could be any name of your choice to help you identify the connection) in the Short Name field.

4. Click on the Connect button. You will be redirected to QuickBooks login page.

5. Enter your QuickBooks account credentials, email / user ID, password and click on the Sign In button.

6. Click on the Connect button.

Note: If you have more than one company, select the one that you wish to connect with SelluSeller and then click on Connect.

7. Once you click on the Connect button, you will be redirected to SelluSeller where you will receive the confirmation message regarding successful connection.

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Connect your QuickBooks account with SelluSeller here.

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