Through SelluSeller, you can easily add more images of a product that is live on marketplaces. Note that you can do this only if the respective marketplaces allow adding images after the product is live.

  1. Sign in to SelluSeller and click CATALOGUE à Live. All your products live on various marketplaces are displayed.
  2. In the Search Products box, enter the name or SKU of the live product to which you want to add more images. The results matching your search criterion are displayed.
  3. In the SKU column, click the SKU number of the live product. The Edit Product page appears.
  4. Click MARKETPLACE DETAILS and then under Product Images at the bottom of the page, click to select images from your computer.
  5. Click UPDATE. The images are added to the product on respective marketplaces.


  • You have to add your chosen images to the live product separately on each marketplace.
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