In SelluSeller, you can easily change/modify details of your Draft (New) product.

  1. Sign in to SelluSeller and click CATALOGUE à Draft. A list of all your Draft (New) products appears.
  2. In the Search Products box, enter the name or SKU of the new product whose details you want to modify. The results matching your search criterion are displayed.
  3. In the SKU column, click the SKU number of the new product. The Edit Product page appears.
  4. In the PRODUCT DETAILS and MARKETPLACE DETAILS areas, modify the product details as required, and then click SAVE. The product details are saved.


  • You have to modify details of the product separately for each marketplace.
  • Click LIST if you want to send the product for listing on marketplaces.
  • The LIST button appears only after you enter all mandatory fields.
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