To cross-list your products from one marketplace to another,

  1. Click on the Catalogue tab. Go to Options> Cross-listing.

2.  Select source and destination marketplace for cross-listing and click on the Continue button.

3. You will be shown a list of all SKUs in the source marketplace that are not available in the destination marketplace. You can select multiple or all SKUs to be cloned in the destination marketplace and then click on Check Mapping button.

4. A confirmation dialogue box will appear. Click on the Yes button.

5. You will now see a list of SKU's (selected in step 2) whose categories are not mapped in the destination marketplace. You need to map categories in the destination marketplace by selecting the relevant categories one-by-one from the drop-down option.

4. In case there are missing attributes; you will be shown an entire list of products with missing attributes based on their categories. Download the product update file and upload it back after filling it with relevant information. 

5. Click on List and finally on the Done button.

6. You will get a final confirmation box. Click on the Yes button.

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