You can cross list products from one marketplaces to any of the other marketplaces that are integrated with SelluSeller.

You can check the list of all connected marketplaces here.

To cross-list your products from one marketplace to another,

  1. Click on the Catalogue tab. Go to Options> Cross-listing.

2.  Select source and destination marketplace for cross-listing and click on the Next button.


  • Destination can be a webstore, but once the source is selected as one of the webstores, the destination can only be another webstore, and not a marketplace. This is because marketplaces need many additional fields that are not required while creating a product on webstore.
  • You can cross-list products from marketplaces to Shopify but the vice-versa is not available.

3. You will be shown a list of all SKUs in the source marketplace that are not available in the destination marketplace. You can select multiple or all SKUs to be cloned in the destination marketplace and then click on NEXT button.

Note: You can also search for a specific SKU through the search option or you can apply different types of filters- (Product Type wise, Product State wise, Brand wise or Category wise.)

4. Now, you need to map the source marketplace category with destination marketplace category. You can do so by selecting the relevant categories one-by-one from the drop-down option. Click on the Next button.
Note: You can also perform bulk category mapping by downloading bulk category mapping sample file.

5. Click on the START CROSSLISTING button on the dialogue box.

6. Now you can update Product Prices, Description texts, and Images in bulk.
If you wish to update products in bulk, you can download and upload sheets to update price / description / images. 

Note: If you do not want to update the prices, description text and Images for the selected products, then you can click on the Skip button and directly proceed to the last step.

7. You will be shown a list of products with missing attributes based on their categories. Download the product update file and upload it back after filling it with relevant information and click on the Complete button.

8. You will get a final confirmation box. Click on the Yes button.

9. You can also track your cross-listing history.

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