In SelluSeller, you can easily manage your product listings in the Catalogue tab. To manage the products,

  1. Login to SelluSeller and go to the Catalogue tab.

The Catalogue tabbed page enables you to do the following tasks:

  • Manage multiple marketplaces
  • Create product groups and kits
  • List products in bulk
  • Manage cross listing of products
  • Manage bulk export/import of products
  • Manage / update product Images

The Catalogue page also enables you to view the status of all your listings on all marketplaces. The products can have any of the following statuses:

  • Ready To List: Products that have passed the marketplace quality check and are ready to go live on marketplaces come under this category.
  • Failed: Products that have failed to match the marketplace quality check standards due to reasons such as size or colour mismatch or whose details are not completely fetched come under this category.
  • Under Review: Products for which the quality check process is in progress at a marketplace come under this.
  • Delisted: A product that has been delisted or inactivated by a Seller to make it invisible for customers on marketplaces fall under this category.
  • Conflicted: A product for which the ISKU and CSKU don't match during the process of fetching falls under this.
  • Listing in Progress: Products that have passed the marketplace quality check but are yet to be listed fall under this category.
  • Prohibited: Products or brands that have been blacklisted by marketplaces fall under this category.

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You can start managing your product listings here.

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