SelluSeller allows you to manage product images separately.

  1. Login to SelluSeller and go to the Catalogue tab. Navigate to +Actions and then click on the Manage Images button.

2. Here, you can manage images and upload/ change/ delete/ replace the sequence for listed marketplaces.

3. You can use drag & drop functionality for faster upload and shuffle the images for re-sequencing instead of re-uploading.

4. Under the All Products tab, you can view the products both with and without images for the chosen sales channel/marketplace under ‘Marketplace filter’ field.

5. Under the Missing Images tab, you can view those products that do not have any images for the chosen sales channel/marketplace under ‘Marketplace filter’ field.

6. You can also search products using name, brand, SKU code.

7. You can select multiple products by enabling the respective checkbox and update all images at once.

Note: Once you select multiple products it will enable the bulk action panel.
Update Images: Allows you to save & update the changes you made for selected SKU’s in bulk on selected marketplace under ‘Filter by’.
Actions: Allows you to update the same Images, sequence/changes on allcommon sales channel available for all selected SKU’s. 

8. Once you upload the images for respective products you can click on update button. The changes will reflect on the associated marketplace as well. 

9. You can view brief information about all marketplace image specifications by clicking on the Image Specification button. 

To know specific image dimensions that can be uploaded on various marketplaces, click here.

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