1. Sign in to SelluSeller and click on the Inventory tab. You will see a list of all products in your inventory by default.

3. Click on the drop-down button corresponding to the respective product, for you wish to know the stage-wise stock detail. 

There are following types of Stock Stages-

  • In-Hand Stock - total physical stock available with seller.
  • Marketplace Stock - the LIVE stock on marketplaces available for purchase. (Note: In case of Shopee marketplace, sellable stock is the stock which is available for sale after deducting the unpaid orders stock. In case of Lazada allocated stock = sellable stock.
  • On Hold Stock - On Hold stock means all the unpaid, and problem orders stock will come under on hold stock.
  • Buffer Stock - reserve/emergency stock. You can release the buffer stock and make it available for selling in case of emergency.
  • In-Process Stock - stock for orders that are in-process state.
  • Unusable Stock - total damaged stock.
  • Sold Stock - this comprises of new, in-process and delivered order stock.
  • Threshold - you can manually define a threshold stock. Whenever your sellable stock reaches your defined threshold stock, you will receive an alert notification to replenish your stock.

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