To add AWB Series in SelluSeller, perform following steps:

  1. Click on button (three horizontal lines) on the top right corner and select Configurations.

2. Click on the Shipping Management Tab, and check for your desired shipping carrier. If it is not present in the list, kindly contact your account manager or start a live chat with our customer success team to notify them for adding a new Shipping carrier. Alternatively, you can also send a mail at

3. The SelluSeller team will configure the same at the backend, and specify the carrier against country, marketplace and shipping type.

4. Once configured, click on the shipping carrier and check the box against the field- 'Make it default shipping carrier'.

5. If you have multiple accounts on a specific marketplace, then you will need to configure the carrier multiple times against the same combination if country, marketplace and shipping type.

6. Next, go to the AWB Management configuration tab, and click on the 'Add AWB Tracking Series' button. 

7. A dialogue box will appear. Specify the AWB Series Name, Select Country, and the Shipping Carrier and then click on the Download Sample File button. 

8. In the sample file, update your desired tracking series and upload the file back to the system by clicking on the 'Upload' button.

9. The added shipping carrier will act a 'Self-service carrier' for you.

10. Selluseller will sequentially assign orders to this carrier until the end of the given series.

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Now, try it out in SelluSeller app here.

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