You have to first register on the new marketplace that you want to add to your SelluSeller account.

If you are a new user and signing up for the first time, SelluSeller will prompt you to integrate your marketplaces during the signup process itself. 

  1. Once you enter your email id and password on the Signup Page, you will need to connect your marketplaces/web stores.

2. Choose the channels that you wish to integrate, enter relevant details (such as your API Keys) and click on the CONNECT button.

If you are an existing user:

  1. Navigate to the marketplace management page by clicking on the options button on the top right corner of your dashboard and selecting 'Configuration'.

2. If your marketplace is not visible, or you want to connect more marketplaces, click on the +ADD MORE CHANNELS button. You will be directed to the marketplace management page.

3. Click on the +ADD NEW MARKETPLACE button. Select the country name & marketplace name from the drop down. Enter all the required information including the API details and click on the CONNECT button.

Note: While entering relevant API details and other information for integrating a particular marketplace with SelluSeller, please make sure you use the same email id that you used to register on that marketplace.

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If you want to know the procedure to get the API details for your marketplace, click here

If you are still unsure of how you can get API key from your marketplace, or need any further help, kindly send us a mail at, or start a live chat with our Customer Success Champs.

You can go ahead and try this in your SelluSeller account here!

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