You need to have a Fulfillment account on Anchanto's eCommerce Warehouse Management System (eWMS), previously known as FBA. To sync your SelluSeller account with Fulfilment account, 

  1. Click on the options button (three horizontal lines) on the upper-right corner of any page and click on Configurations. 

2. Click on the Fulfillment Management tab. Enter your eWMS credentials (API Key, Signature Key, and Email ID) and click on the Sync Account button. 

Your SelluSeller account will be instantly synced with your fulfillment account. Once the sync is completed, all your fulfillment account data will be immediately available in your SelluSeller account.


  • You will get your credentials details (API Key, Signature Key, and Retailer Email) from your Fulfillment account.
  • Syncing your SelluSeller account with your fulfillment account is a one-time activity.

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Sync your SelluSeller account with your Fulfillment account here.

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