To create promotion in SelluSeller,

  1. Login to SelluSeller and go to the Promotions Tab. Click on the +Create Promotion button.

2. We have Percentage Discount, Absolute Discount, Gift with Purchase and Pre-booking Promotion available. Click on select button respective to the promotion which you wish to create.

3. Enter promotion Name, select criteria and enter promotion description.
For instance: Criteria: Categories.

4. Now you can select Marketplace for which you want to apply this promotion. Select start date, Start time, end date and end time. Based on selected criteria, select the category. You can also select more that one category. 

5. Enter the discount value and click on the Done button. 

6. You will receive confirmation message that Promotion is successfully created.

Hope this answers your question!
You can start creating promotions in SelluSeller, by clicking here.

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