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How to use Shopify dummy categories in SelluSeller?

The category field shown on Shopify marketplace details page in SelluSeller is an internal field which enables the cross-listing feature for all Shopify products.

Earlier while cross listing from Shopify to any Marketplace was not available due to category constraint. Hence to cut down this limitation we are now providing category selection option for Shopify store for product listing.

Click here to know more about SelluSeller Cross-Listing feature

After listing the product from SelluSeller to Shopify the category field will not be displayed on Shopify. This option is only limited to SelluSeller internal use.

When any product fetched from Shopify it will have default category assigned. If this product is already listed on Lazada marketplace then Lazada marketplace category will get assigned to this product for Shopify store.

You can assign the category to shopify products in 2 ways,

1.      One by one –

While creating or updating any product using SelluSeller, you can assign the category to the product.


2.     Bulk update/upload -

  • Bulk Upload:

While product create/upload you can download bulk sample file (from import tab) for product upload based on category.

  • Bulk update

While product update you download bulk sample file for product update (from export tab) for product update based on category.

  • Bulk Update Draft product -

To update category in bulk for draft products go to Catalogue >> Action >> Bulk Export/Import >> Click here to export for Bulk Draft Product Update

You can select option either for All Category or Only for Default Category and generate file.

Update category in excel file and upload via import tab.


Hope this answers your question!