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How can I get the order export file in SelluSeller?

A quick step by step guide to get Order Export File from SelluSeller.

SelluSeller allows you to download an export file containing details of all your selected orders in SelluSeller. You can download a comprehensive order export file, in case you wish to import all the order details into your SAP/financial system.

To download the Order Export File-

  1. Login to SelluSeller and click on the 'Orders' tab.



2. Enable the check boxes to select all the orders for which you wish download the Order Export    File. Click on the 'Actions' button.

Note: You can also select orders in bulk by clicking on the checkbox - Select all from below list.



3. Click on the 'Export Selected Orders' button. The file will be downloaded automatically.



Hope this answers your question.
You can download the Order Export File for your account here.