SelluSeller Dashboard

How can I view Business Overview on SelluSeller?

Checking out business overview on SelluSeller Dashboard

To view your Business Overview in SelluSeller.

  1. Login to SelluSeller. You will automatically land on the Dashboard where you can view all your Business or Sales Overview.
  2. We have divided the Dashboard in various sections such as,

NEED ATTENTION: You can focus on New orders received, Problem Orders, Out of Stock products and Failed listings.

BUSINESS OVERVIEW: This will help to apply filter based on time span/date filter/country/marketplace to check your performance across different Marketplaces.

Here, you can apply different filters as below

  • Custom date: - This will help the user to select the custom dates.For now, the user can select any date range (start & end date) up to last 90 days.
  • Country Filter: - User can select the country filter by which he/she want to see the data (this will helpful for cross-border users) (user can select only 1 country at a time and by default, selection should be all).
  • Marketplace Filter: - User can select the marketplace to see the specific MP details with respective of the country.) (user can select only 1 marketplace at a timeand by default, selection should be all)

SALES OVERVIEW: You can check the revenue generated for selected filer.

SALES CHANNEL BREAKDOWN: You can view Marketplace wise revenue generated based on Base Currency or Multi Currency.

SALES & ORDER OVERVIEW: Graphical representation of sales and orders.

INVENTORY STOCK VALUE AND ACTUAL SALE: Bar graph representation for Actual stock value versus Actual sales.

TOP PERFORMING PRODUCTS: List 5 top selling(Max units sold) products.

PRODUCT LISTING: Count of Live, Ready to List, Failed and Total listings.


Hope this answers your question!
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