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How can I view Business Overview on SelluSeller?

A quick guide to check out business overview on SelluSeller Dashboard

To view your Business Overview in SelluSeller.

  • Login to SelluSeller. You will automatically land on the Dashboard where you can view all your Business or Sales Overview.
  • We have divided the Dashboard into the following sections:

  1.  Needs Attention: You can focus on New orders received, Problem Orders, Out of Stock products and Failed listings.

  2.  Business Overview: This will help to apply filter based on time span/date filter/country/marketplace to check your performance across different marketplaces.

Here, you can apply the following filters:

  • Custom date: - This will help the user to select the custom dates.For now, the user can select any date range (start & end date) up to last 90 days.
  • Country Filter: - User can select the country filter by which he/she want to see the data (this will helpful for cross-border users) (user can select only 1 country at a time and by default, selection should be all).
  • Marketplace Filter: - User can select the marketplace to see the specific MP details with respective of the country.) (user can select only 1 marketplace at a timeand by default, selection should be all)

3Sales Overview: You can check the revenue generated for selected filer.

4Sales Channel Breakdown: You can view Marketplace wise revenue generated              based on Base Currency or Multi Currency.

5Sales and Order Overview: Graphical representation of sales and orders.

6Inventory Stock Value and Actual Sale: Bar graph representation for Actual stock       value versus Actual sales.

7Top Performing Products: List 5 top selling(Max units sold) products.

8Product Listing: Count of Live, Ready to List, Failed and Total listings.


Hope this answers your question.
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