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How can I view & manage all my Inventory product?

View & manage all products in SelluSeller

In SelluSeller, you can easily view the complete list of all the products in your inventory. Each of your product listing will have complete details associated with it along with all the marketplaces it is listed on.

1. Sign in to SelluSeller and click on the 'Inventory' tab. A list of all products in your inventory is displayed by default.

2. When you connect your Marketplaces with SelluSeller, all your existing products/SKU's will sync in SelluSeller and will be available in Catalogue as CSKU (Channel SKU); also same products will automatically gets created under inventory tab you can refer it as iSKU's (Inventory SKU/Master SKU).

3. When you wish to create new products from SelluSeller, you need to create iSKU under inventory tab and then you can list the product across different channels from Catalogue tab and you can define CSKU while listing from Catalogue.

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