Black Arrow Express

How to Connect / Configure Black Arrow Express as Last-mile Carrier in SelluSeller?

Procedure to configure Black Arrow Express as your preferred last-mile carrier

To configure Black Arrow Express as your preferred last-mile carrier in SelluSeller -

  1. Login in to SelluSeller. Go to configuration.


2. Under the 3PL management tab, click on +Add new 3PL.



3. Select Logistic Partner as Black Arrow Express, enter below-required details,

  • Short Name - Your desired name for this last-mile carrier.
  • BAE CAS API Key - You can get this from Black Arrow Express team.
  • Service Name - This is the service code you will find in your Black Arrow Account under Settings >> Templates.


    • If you have multiple services activated in your Black Arrow Express account and you wish to use them in SelluSeller then repeat the step 2 & 3 with the different Service name. You can also assign a different nickname for each to differentiate.


    4. Navigate to the shipping management tab and click on - You can add new shipment 'here'  button.Shipping management


    5. Select Marketplace, shipping type, shipping carrier, 3PL which you have added under 3PL management and payment mode.



    6. Click on the checkbox marked- Make it default shipping carrier and click on the SAVE button.


    • The user needs to add the shipping method for each marketplace separately.
    • SelluSeller auto fetches the shipping label from Black Arrow Express once the order is marked as packed by assigning the Black Arrow as a carrier in SelluSeller.

    Hope this answers your question!