How to Connect / Configure eParcel as Last-mile Carrier?

Procedure to configure eParcel as your preferred last-mile carrier

To configure eParcel as your preferred last-mile carrier in SelluSeller -

  1. Login into SelluSeller. Go to configuration.


2. Under the 3PL management tab, click on +Add new 3PL



3. Select Logistic Partner as eParcel, enter below-required details

Nickname - Your desired name.

Token - Token key available in eParcel account under profile.



4. Navigate to the shipping management tab and click on - You can add new shipment 'here' button.Shipping management


5. Select Marketplace, shipping type, shipping carrier which you have added under 3PL management.

Shipping management_eParcel


6. Click on the checkbox marked- Make it default shipping carrier and click on the SAVE button.


  • The user needs to add the shipping method for each marketplace separately.
  • SelluSeller generates the default shipping label which approved by the eParcel team.

Hope this answers your question!