API Keys Guide

How to get API Keys for Shopee?

Procedure to get API Keys for Shopee Marketplace to integrate it with SelluSeller

The following mentioned process can be followed for -

Shopee Singapore
Shopee Malaysia
Shopee Vietnam
Shopee Philippines
Shopee Indonesia
Shopee Thailand
Shopee Taiwan

To get the API Keys-

  1. Login to SelluSeller.

2. Click on the options button on the top right corner, and select Configuration.


3. Under Marketplace management tab, click on +Add New Marketplace.


4. SelluSeller will prompt you to add eCommerce channels to your account. 


5. You can click on show all sales channels to connect your marketplaces with SelluSeller. 


6. You can view country wise all marketplace available, you can select respective marketplaces to connect with SelluSeller and Click on Continue. You will need certain credentials (such as API Keys) that are provided by marketplaces. 


7. Click on Generate API Token.


8. You will be redirected to Shopee Open Platform. Select country and enter your Shopee Seller Centre account credentials. Click on Sign in and Login button.


9. Post login, you be redirected to the Authorization confirmation dialogue box. Click on the Yes button to confirm.


10. You will receive a confirmation message that Shopee Marketplace is connected successfully.

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