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How to Migrate to Lazada Open Platform?

Procedure to migrate to Lazada Open Platform & continue selling through SelluSeller

Lazada announced that they will be moving to a New Lazada Open Platform (LazOP). Their existing API keys will be invalid from 31st May, 2018. Thus, it is mandatory for you to migrate to a new API set before 31st May, 2018.

To migrate to Lazada Open Platform- 

  1. Login to your SelluSeller account. Click on the options button on the top right corner of the dashboard and select 'Configurations'. 

2. Under the marketplace management tab, scroll to your connect Lazada marketplace and click on the Disconnect button.

lazop 4

3. Again click on the Connect button.

lazop 1

4. A dialogue box will appear. Click on the Connect button again.

lazop 2

5. You will be redirected to the new Lazada Open Platform page. Select your country, enter your Lazada seller centre credentials and click on the 'Sign in and authorize' button.  

lazop 3

Note: Repeat the same steps if you have more than one Lazada account connected with SelluSeller.

Hope this answers your question!
Click here to migrate to the new Lazada Open Platform now.