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What are problem orders?

A quick step by step guide on resolving problem orders.

In SelluSeller, an order falls under Problem orders state either due to:-

  1. Insufficient stock, i.e stock is 0.
  2. Unavailability of the SKU in SelluSeller.
    This happens in case if the SKU/Product is directly created on Seller Center and you missed to sync that manually in SelluSeller.

To resolve problem order,

  • Go to the 'Search' box, enter the order and click on 'Resolve'.
  • If product is out of stock, update the stock under inventory. The problem order will automatically get released from 'Problem Orders' to 'New Orders' tab. You can now process it regularly.
  • If SKU is not available in SelluSeller, then to get that product you will have to manually sync that product with the following steps:
    Configuration>>Marketplace Management>>Sync Product (respective to Marketplace).
  • Once the product is synced in SelluSeller search that SKU and resolve problem order.


Hope this answers your question!
You can check out your problem orders in SelluSeller, by clicking here.