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What are the prerequisites for connecting Xero with Selluseller?

Prerequisites for connecting Xero Accounting tool with Selluseller

Before you can sart the procedure to connect your Xero account with SelluSeller, please check following,

Case 1: If you have newly signed up and not configured your Xero account

Case 2: If you are existing Xero accounting tool user

For Case 1:

You need to setup a Organization by entering the required details such as organization name, select country, timezone and currency same as you have set for SelluSeller account.

Xero 7

Follow below process for Case 1 and Case 2

  1. Go to Accounting tab>> Chart of Accounts>> Add New Account >> Select the required Account type for eg Revenue, Expense (Cost of goods sold), and Current Asset type. Fill up all the required details and then click on the Save and Close button.


  • Assets Account – Select account type as Current Assets and Detail Type as Inventory.
  • Revenue Account – Select account type as Income and Detail Type as Sales of Product Income.
  • Expense Account – Select account type as Cost of Goods Sold and Detail Type as Supplies and Materials – COS.

Note: Note that all these accounts will be available in SelluSeller as soon as you authorize the connection. Once you select these accounts under respective account types, your new order and product details will be synced with the respective accounts.


2. The base currency in SelluSeller and Xero is the same. If there is a difference, the cost price of all inventory products created through SelluSeller will remain the same, and will not get converted in Xero.

3. If you sell across multiple countries through SelluSeller and your products are available for purchase in multiple currencies, add all the currencies in Xero before you proceed with connecting your Xero account with SelluSeller. To add the currencies in Xero, navigate to Settings>> General Settings

Xero 9

4. Click on Currencies>> Add currency

Xero 10

5. Select the choice currency and click on Add Currency.

Xero 11

6. Create all the inventory products in Xero, that are already present in SelluSeller.

Xero 12

Xero 13

7. Add exactly the same stock quantity to the created inventory products in Xero, as updated in SelluSeller. Note that if due to any discrepancy the stock on Xero reaches 0, while you receive an order on SelluSeller, the order will not be successfully pushed from SelluSeller to Xero.

Note: The details of orders & created products will flow only from SelluSeller to Xero. The reverse flow is not available.

8. When you authorize the connection for the first time, new order & product details will flow from SelluSeller to Xero. Due to some limitations, this connection will remain active only for 30 minutes. After this, no data will flow from SelluSeller to Xero. However, the interrupted order & products details will be saved in SelluSeller. These details will start flowing from SelluSeller to Xero again as soon as you reauthorize the connection.

9. We recommend you to consult with your accounting team before connecting SelluSeller with your Xero account.