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What should I do to remove products from the Conflicted status?

Conflicted products are those that do not have the Inventory SKU mapped to them. To remove such products from the Conflicted list, you have to assign an inventory SKU to them or map them to an inventory SKU.

1. Sign in to SelluSeller and click CATALOGUE >> Others>> Conflicted. All your products conflicted for various marketplaces are displayed.

2. In the Search Products box, enter the name of the product to which you want to assign an inventory SKU.

3. Select the check box corresponding to the products to which you want to assign an inventory SKU and then click Assign Inventory SKU. The Conflicted Products page appears.



  • The Assign Inventory SKU link appears only after you select at least one check box.

4. In the Inventory SKU list, select the SKU that you want to assign to the selected products and then click SAVE & UPDATE.

The product is removed from the Conflicted list.

Hope this answers your questions!